Emma Watson in KitX

You know how Emma Watson has this book fairy thing going on? Where she uses spare minutes to dash about whatever city she finds herself in and leave behind copies of books she finds inspiring? I remember when she hid copies in London Tube stations. This week she's been at it again Paris, wearing... KITX!

On Thursday evening Watson told 37 million people that she approves of Kit Willow''s beautiful sustainable label. Watson posted a vid on her Instagram doing the fairy thing - "If you find a copy please read, enjoy and then leave for someone else to find!" - wearing the "Active Citizen" style from the Resort '18 runway. 

It's made from sustainably sourced, organically derived silk organza, dyed using low-impact dyes, and lined in Econyl, a fibre regenerated from discarded fishing nets and marine debris. Even her zippers are made from recycled plastic. 

We are so proud of our friend Kit! She's a proper pioneer and a beautiful soul.