By Hannah Cole

It’s cold out there, Australia. Brrrr. But close your eyes and think Spring, when you're chilly toes will be unleashed from their booted confines and released back into the sunshine.

Thankfully, that day is fast approaching. How to prepare? It's not always easy to work out who made your shoes, and exactly how they did it. Local slow fashion favourite Good Day Girl to the rescue. They've teamed up with Aussie/Mediterranean sandal label Capri Positano to deliver ethically produced sandals you're going to adore.


Victoria Hampshire, Capri Positano’s founder, was inspired by the classic Italian approach to craftsmanship (she's married to a classic Italian, herself, which helps). All her sandals are made traditionally and carefully by hand in the Amalfi Coast location that gives the brand its name.

“There’s no factory, no assembly of ready-made pieces, no pre-made soles and no nails involved,” she explains.

So why the Good Day Girl synergy?

That Sydney label, run by Sophie Toohey and Alexia Gnecchi Ruscone, is an ingenious initiative promoting a slower approach to fashion. Instead of churning out endless product, they make their limited edition collections to order and sell via trunk shows.

It's a foreign concept for most, but one that's fast gaining sustainable fashion converts. The business model eliminates waste created by factoring out over-production.



These rustic sandals and slides won’t come off once they go on. How to get yours? Walk don't run. Good things come to those who wait... for their order to get made. Head to the Good Day Girl website for further details  – and to see if you can beat us there.